Welcome to Cat museum Meow

How the idea began........

In 1996 we visited a cat museum in Engeland. We recognized many things we also possess. This gave us the idea to try this also in Apeldoorn. In order to realise this we are very active seeking sponsors and a location. Furthermore we are trying by various activities to draw attention to our plans.

The collection.

For years we are collecting items in the shape of a cat, or with the image of a cat on it. Imagine things like cups and saucers, lighters, coffee table, parasol base and perfumebottles. We intend to collect a wide range of items, so it can hardly be to crazy..
Christmas tree ball with name
So we once bought, in our opinion a “fingerdoll”, which turned out to be a condom. Also christmas tree balls don’t lack in our collection. The christmas peak we received in a show of Paul de Leeuw a famous dutch tv presenter.

toasterFrom America we got toasters and a nice Gobelin suitcases.


Have you become curious about what we do as cat museum, wish more information or you may have material for the museum that you wish to donate, please contact us.