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From the cat’s Point of view.

I have been living for 14 years with my bosses Klaas and Mary-Rose in Apeldoorn.
Well , I have to say it is great to live with them. I can namely look the entire day at my image.
Their house is filled with cats. No …. not real cats. I am the only real cat in the house.
No, they have a house full of catstatues and cat useful objects. Really from toaster to letter opener.
From toiletpaperhanger to gardenbench. You meet them actually everywhere.
From the livingroom to the bedroom, the hallway and even the toilet is filled with my images.
But also when I am allowed in the garden I am happy to find my images. All so cozy.
Really much fun I am having here.

My bosses started collecting things with cats when they visited a catmuseum in England
They where so thrilled to see this, that they started more and more things to collect.
It started with statues, but by the time that their house got pretty filled with this, they started to collect cat useful objects shaped in the form of a cat.
Never did I know that my kind could stand model so well for various useful objects.
Yes, actually I am quite moved to know that I and my kind can be so in the center of  interest.
Of course this means also that they like me a lot.
My boss even bought a real catoutfit. Although he didn’t tell me, but I am pretty sure that he wanted to know how life as a cat is like.My boss also had then a very high strokeability factor.
He even was on the local tv wearing this suit.
Yes, really nice of them to that they try to empathize so much in me.
But, here’s another bisar thing: Through internet they bought a round coffee table and collected it all the way in Manchester. Also a side table was collected from as far as Berlin and even a case set from America came via Columbia to my house
Luckily I just simply came from the asylum of Apeldoorn. This is already crazy enough for me.

tl_files/miauw/images/fotos/salontafel rond.JPG tl_files/miauw/images/fotos/bijzettafel sofa.jpg

But since the house of my bosses does get a little overcrowded, they would like to begin a catmuseum of their own. Ofourse it is a lot of work to realize this. There are so many things they need to consider, but fortunately they never forget me during these affairs.
I am happy to say that they still give me the same amount of attention. While at the same time they are very busy arranging everthing for the museum. In order to help them a little, I would like to ask you if you perhaps have cat items to be shown in the museum. Ofcourse items you wish to donate to them.
Items you no longer use and that are too good to be thrown away.
They also require a sponsor to realize their dream, as well as a space needs to be found to display their items. Preferably a fixed space that indeed can fulfill the function of a museum.
Are you the huge catlover who will help my bosses with their dream. Then please contact them.
You would make me very happy, because despite all the tremendous nice things in their house I would like some more space for myself to cuddle extensively.

From the most satisfied cat in the world, Gizmo

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